“Turnkey” Pool Construction

“Turnkey” pool construction

Many of our clients request this exact method of pool construction because building a pool requires the gathering and collaborative work of various companies with different expertise, starting from design and planning to excavation and concrete pouring.

We also have clients who prefer to engage themselves in excavating and/or constructing the reinforced concrete shell. The longest warranty on all completed works and pool equipment is provided when we carry out all the work ourselves.


Preparation of the construction site for excavation and material removal.

    1. Excavation and removal of materials to the landfill.
    2. Preparation of the foundation for the pool shell.
    3. Installation of the first phase of pool elements, including the ones placed in the foundation slab and pool walls.
    4. Preparation for the construction of the pool equipment room.
    5. Pouring concrete for the pool shell and equipment room.
    6. The second phase of pool installation after the concrete shell is complete, includes equipment installation and pipe distribution up to the equipment room.
    7. Insulation of the external pool walls and installation of a waterproofing liner.
    8. Backfilling the pool with fine materials.
    9. Installation of coping stones on the pool edges.
    10. Installation of mosaic tiles.
      Grinding the concrete shell, applying a special fiber mortar before waterproofing, installing waterproofing, adhering mosaic tiles, and grouting.
    1. Cleaning and washing the pool before filling it with water.
    2. Filling the pool with water and commissioning it.
    3. Handing over the facility to the investor.


Once the pool is filled with water and all systems are fully operational, the next step is to provide training to the end user.

You need to learn a few rules and understand how to properly use the installed equipment in order to fully enjoy all the benefits that the pool offers.

This is not a one or two-hour course but rather a process that takes several days. During this time, we are always available and present to fulfill the client’s requests, demonstrating and explaining how all the equipment and the pool function.

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