Solar systems


Solar heating through solar collectors is a more popular form of heating and hot water preparation.

With a range of advantages, getting thermal energy by using the energy of the sun today is now a long-term tested technology, and the requirements for the use of solar heating in Croatia are excellent.


The benefits of using solar energy:

  • free amounts of energy
  • savings up to 60% of energy for the preparation of hot water and up to 35% of
  • energy savings for heating
  • there are no CO2 emissions
  • reduced consumption of fossil fuels
  • solar systems can be integrated into existing heating systems


In our assortment, we offer solar systems from the renowned manufacturer Vaillant:

  • auroSTEP plus (system with the possibility of choosing the type of solar substation, tank, and collectors)
  • auroSTEP pro (thermosiphon system)
  • auroFLOW plus (substation for a solar system with gravitational unloading)


Solar collectors:

  • auroTHERM (plate solar collector VFK)
  • auroTHERM exclusiv (vacuum pipe solar collectors VTK)
  • the accessories needed for solar installation (brackets, bolts, rails, hydraulic kits, expansion vessels, heaters, solar fluid…)

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