Central and floor heating


Central heating is a system that maintains a constant temperature in the entire apartment, home, or any space.

This heating system is through a unique single heat source. The heat source is located outside the heated space, with which it is connected by a pipe or channel network through which the thermal media flows.

The heat is transferred through heating bodies set within the space. The operating medium can be hot water, steam, air. The power source can be electricity, wood, coal, gas, fuel oil.


Floor heating is an aesthetic and comfortable way of heating without the circulation of dust and dry air; it is more acceptable health-wise and more economical than radiator heating.

Low-temperature floor heating is the most economical form of heating a space. It provides us with substantial savings in energy consumption.

The system itself is embedded in the floor or under the floor covering and as such does not take up space on walls and does not pose a risk of fire, or physical injury (burns) due to accidental contact.

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